Out of a high school bedroom, this is Mylomusic

Hi there.
I started Mylomusic officially in 2022, however this project has gone back much further than that. 

I started my adventure into music technology at an early age, around the age of 8-10 with a small electronics kit, and I built circuits on breadboards, soldering a few things here and there. I quickly learned what a synthesizer was, and began to really take to designing and building all sorts of things like VCOs, VCFs, and other circuits. First starting with small and simple projects, I eventually learned the ropes of design.

My adventures in design from the last four years slowly developed what is now Octane and Hermana, my debut modules. It's been a lot of hard work in preparing them, but I really feel like it stands to show what someone can learn if they put their mind to it.

Mylomusic will always be a company centered around new concepts in music technology, no product will simply be a clone or similar unit to what is already in production by other manufacturers. Each product designed and made will reflect this.

The commercial side of my hobby started from collecting savings from whatever money I was fortunate to be given my parents and what I would work for. After three or so years from my first concrete idea, much prototyping and testing went into ensuring what I had really stood as a concrete and working idea. I assembled each prototype and my first units on  a cluttered bench in my bedroom, soldering away long into the early hours of the morning many days, and spending much time calibrating on my oscilloscope I picked up for my birthday. 

I'm really excited to see what is to come out of this journey, and hopefully I will be able to design cool stuff and get it out to everyone who wants it. I want to design things around musicians and the people who use these products in practice, ensuring what I make isn't good only on paper, but serves as a workable, reliable kit.


I absolutely enjoy what I do, and I am very excited to see what others can do with it.