Hermana Mylomusic Front Panel
Hermana Mylomusic Back Pcb




Hermana, Spanish for Sister, is Octane's little sister. Hermana extensively expands Octane's functionality by adding individual outputs and analog CV inputs. Connected via 20-pin cable on the back end of the module, linking a Hermana to an Octane is incredibly easy, and the notched connectors ensure no reverse connections. In addition, the outputs on Hermana are chained in a cascading mixer, where the furthest patch point along the chain outputs a mix of all the points before it. For example, plugging a cable into output 4 and output 8 gives a mix of 1-4 and a mix of 5-8.


  • Eight Channel Mixer

  • CV Expansion tool

  • Enables Octane to be an eight-channel
    analog VCA set

  • Gives custom mix groupings


     6HP, in 3U Eurorack format

     20mm; skiff friendly (back of panel to
     highest point)

       20mA [+12v]     20mA [-12v]
Hermana's power is fed through the 20-pin linking cable, feeding through Octane's onboard power grid, thus adding to Octane's total power consumption and not requiring a second power cable


-Fully analog signal path
-Output Impedance: 1KΩ
-CV input Impedance: 50KΩ
-Analog CV cutoff: ~20kHz, -3dB
-Analog Output Cutoff: ~20kHz, -3dB
-Max gain: +6dB

-Very low additional power consumption
-Sturdy jacks
-Fully DC coupled; control voltage compatible outputs.
-Plated mounting holes to avoid "rack rash"


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