Octane Mylomusic
Octane Mylomusic
Octane Mylomusic pcb




A hybrid of analog circuitry and digital control, Octane is a platform for the animation and modulation of audio and control voltages.

Eight fully analog VCAs are fed digital control voltages via an onboard computer, which through both the "sweep" and "warp" parameters, act to macro control the levels of the VCAs. Included on the module is an output which serves as a sum of all eight channels mixed together. Two digital attenuverters give analog control to the digital parameters. Several modes or programs exist in Octane, each performing a different task on the levels of the VCAs. Each channel of Octane can be assigned a group, allowing for multiple parallel animations. Octane's VCAs are built on genuine 2164 VCA ICs, ensuring a high quality signal path and nonexistent signal or control voltage bleed-through.

If you fear menu diving, let Octane provide a break. The OLED display features a single page menu, with no scrolling or menu diving needed. All parameters for the selected mode/program are shown on the active mode and are able to be edited on a single screen via the adjacent encoder. Global settings and even preset saving/loading are accessible however through adjacent menu pages reached by simply scrolling.

With its expander, Hermana, each of Octane's individual outputs are given with an included normalizing/chaining mixer, along with analog CV inputs over every channel. Digital CV can be easily overridden for general purpose analog VCA use.


Operates (in current firmware) as:

  • USB type C port for easy firmware updates

  • Low power RGB LEDs per channel with adjustable brightness

  • An assignable morphing crossfader

  • A crescendo tool

  • A control voltage phase shifter

  • A gated random source

  • A sequential switch

Selected programs also feature a warping control via the right half of the Warp parameter, bending typical operation into chaotic and glitchy territory. Use at your own risk.


     14HP, in 3U Eurorack format

     30mm; skiff friendly (back of panel to
     highest point)

        150mA [+12v]      40mA [-12v]

        Unidirectional power input, making it               impossible to plug in backwards:                       anxiety-free power.


-Fully analog signal path
     Input: 100KΩ

    Output: 1KΩ
     CV Input: 100KΩ

-Digital CV resolution:
     ~2kHz, 12bit
-Max Voltage Range across all IO:
-Max VCA gain:
-VCA Type:
     Linear (+5v unity default)

  • USB type C port for easy firmware updates

  • Low power RGB LEDs per channel with adjustable brightness

  • 20-click encoder with pushbutton

  • 128x32 0.91" OLED display with very wide viewing angle, graphics can be vertically flipped for upside-down mounting.

  • DC coupled inputs with ability to normalize to +5v or +8v in menu

  • Smooth and sturdy knobs/jacks.

  • Plated mounting holes to avoid "rack rash"


All Mylomusic products are eligible for free lifetime coverage/repairs, granted that the end user is not liable for such issues. See "Support" for more info regarding contact and shipment.