As of right now, orders will be ready come spring of 2022. When made available, this website will allow for orders to be placed via webshop. I offer both white and black printed panels. I am very one on one for the time being with orders, and I will personally reply with shipment updates and tracking numbers. Shipping costs will vary dependent on region. All orders will include the requested module, its power/connection cable, mounting screws/washers, and most importantly, a sticker!


Drop a support line to in the case of any issues or inquiries. Whether you need a unit serviced, want to give feedback or suggestions to hardware or firmware features, or are interested in collaborating in design, send it. 

If you prefer to call; +1-(352)-355-7436, from 11AM to 9PM EST.


If you are interested in collaborating to bring an idea or concept to life through my manufacturing/brand, feel free to contact me, I am always open to new ideas.